Rilynn Rae & Layton Benton – Rookie Cums hard on mat from a forced orgasm. Drips all over the winner! [Kink On Demand – Ultimate Surrender] 720p HD

Pornstars: Rilynn Rae (aka Rylinn Rae, Vivian Vista, Rylin Ray, Rilynn Rey), Layton Benton
UltimateSurrender.com: We have two Rookies in today’s match up. One of these Rookies is just a little more mean than the other. She forces orgasms on the mat then brutalizes her opponent in round four.
KinkOnDemand.com fan comments:
“very hot match! congrats to Rilynn on totall sexual domination and her 1st singles win. Layton is a sexy loser, will be very interesting to see if she can improve against lower ranked girls. I would put her against Carissa Montgomery for some more schooling and then match her up with Paris Lincoln, Nikki Heats/Darling or Luna Light (imagine how sexy it will be for luna to take down this big black amazon…)”
“Good match! I don’t favor that “Are you gonna fight back look” Ms Rattler gave at a couple points in the match but good safe match. I’m basically speaking from what US and fellow subscribers may see me whining about on here from time to time. lol They’re, as far how I [think] this goes in the past years, not in the tournament so in my opinion there shouldn’t have been too intense of a worry about who was gonna bring some aggression and who wasn’t. Intense aggression at least. Just freestyle girls…with safety of course. Technically though, I wish The Dragon had a twin for this one hahaha. Seriously. Just for a sweetie like The Bruiser hehehehe. This was still a bit stiff though concerning the fact that The Bruiser gave it her all and…let me just stop there. But still this was a good match in actually more than one way! Round 4 was still…round 4. I mean every red moon I’d like both giving the love instead. 😉 This ummm-structure of round 4 in this particular match is seen already a little too often almost all around Kink itself. Just to state.”
“This was a very enjoyable set of firsts – Layton’s first match and Rilynn’s first win. Rilynn seemed thoroughly pleased to be in control for most of the match, as well she should. And is spite of losing by a landslide, Layton seemed pretty happy with her first experience at US. Congrats to Rilynn for maintaining control and keeping her fingers in Layton for almost the entire third round, in spite of all of Layton’s efforts to throw her off and in spite of her arm getting tired. Getting four orgasms on the mat, and all in one round, is a pretty nice accomplishment. Rd 4 was hot, in general, and particularly the part when Rilynn rubbed one out on Layton’s tits and stomach. The tit fucking was also appreciated. As for the spitting, that’s always a “context sensitive” thing for me. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don’t. This was one of the times when I liked it.”

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