Molly Cavalli & Dani Daniels – Pillow Fight [Muffia – Molly’s Life]

Pornstars: Molly Cavalli (aka Molly Cavally, Molly Kavalli, Innocent Eve), Dani Daniels
Muffia.com – MollysLife.com: I let Dani and Lindey come over to just hang out. I told them I had to take care of some business, and I would not be able to play until I was done. Lindey busts out the camera when I told her not to. I put my foot down and told them I needed at least an hour. Dani was fed up as well and hit me with the pillow. Oh it was on. I retaliated and the feathers went everywhere. Not only do I have to get new pillows, I did not get to finish my work because Dani was looking so cute and sexy covered in feathers. We started to kiss and make up when I felt her pussy. It was soaked. I could not resist any longer. We swap tongues, and I made sure she was satisfied. This was one fight that ended very well.

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