Mia Malkova – Massive Curves; Dangerous Curves [HARDX] 720p HD

Pornstars: Mia Malkova (aka Mia Bliss, Madison Clover, Madison Sawn, Madison Swan, Mia Mountain), James Deen
HardX.com: Mia Malkova has the sort of dangerous curves that people want to take fast and hard and there is no slowing down for James Deen. From the moment she strips out of her bathing suit, he is all over every gorgeous inch of her, taking her just how she needs to be taken.
XCritic.com review: Mia Malkova, a lean blond cutie whose curves could easily be called into question for a show such as this, was up last as she slowly teased out by the pool in her black outfit, her pretty eyes and all natural body as appealing now as ever. She had a smirk on her face that seemed to oppose the smile she also provided, the devilish angel attitude fitting her now more than ever. As she peeled down the back portion of the attire to show off her sweetly curved (though not even close to “massive”) ass, she climbed into the hot tub to soak, churning the water with her swaying as raindrops hit the water around her. She caressed herself continuously until the edit showed her kneeling in the house naked, James Deen walking over to kiss her and massage her body. James then bent her over and squeezed her ass cheeks before rimming her and otherwise orally pleasuring her, his fingers diddling her moist pussy as she savored the experience with her eyes closed, the gal getting increasingly submissive as he roughed her up. His oral led to him porking her pussy, the couple taking it slow to enjoy the tryst while whispered directions guided her, a few active riding positions showing her vaginal skills intact as James rubbed her pucker and kissed her. By the time it ended with him tossing off a decent load of manly juices onto her face and into her mouth, they were both glistening with sweat, Mia giving him one last hummer before he rubbed out a last orgasm from her pussy, her nearly bald beaver showing some light wisps of pubic hair looking like it was not shaven for a week.

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