Kiki Vidis & Evi Fox – The Incident? The Cleansing of Slutty Sins [Kink On Demand – Sex And Submission] 720p HD

Pornstars: Kiki Vidis (aka Kiki Vidas, Katie Dimarco, Kiki Is, Kiki As), Evi Fox (aka Evi Foxx, Evi Medina), James Deen
SexAndSubmission.com: Evi Fox and Kiki Vidis are out of control brats who disgrace their teacher, Sister Pink. When Father Deen gets his hands on the girls, his unorthodox disciplinary approach is very effective in turning them into apologetic fuck sluts! A fantastic fantasy role-play with two brand new hot girls doing hardcore bondage and rough sex!
KinkOnDemand.com fan comments:
“Really nice relaxed shoot with good chemistry between the performers and tongue in cheek… sorry cock in mouth… “what’s that ?”…. “It’s a candle”…LOL…. Liked the hands tied behind their backs… would have been perfect with more ball gag action….Dom went out of mike range a couple of times…. apart from that really good 8/10…. I hope Sister Agatha is ok she looked very upset…”
“Can get enough of James Deen in these roleplay scenes!!! Really liked the subject. Kiki was amazing and loved her emotion. She made a beautiful sub. Was so glad to see a ball gag in Evi’s mouth in the second scene to get rid of the silly smirk on her face. (don’t want to me mean but it killed the first scene with her goofy grinning the whole time). To top it off – nothing like a priest with a great jew fro!! <3 James!!!" "This was weak. The girls where very beautiful, but the scene lacked the normal raw sexual energy that Kink provides. There was no breast slapping, ass smacking, anal, DP, Double Vaginal, or Vaginal Fisting that makes kink great."

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