Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrera – Sex and Corruption Episode 3, Scene 5 [Digital Playground] 720p HD

Pornstars: Kayden Kross (aka Jenna Nikol, Jenna Nickol, Kayden Cross, Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp), Manuel Ferrara
DigitalPlayground.com: Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara’s tryst starts off sensually and then, becomes richly passionate. The viewer gets excited by their sexual chemistry. Manuel sucks her breasts with much conviction and spanks her ass. Then, the pretty judge kisses the man on the leather sofa. Moments later, she sucks his cock with determined effort and solid fondness. At times, her cocksuck looks pretty sensual. The tone of the scene becomes emotional when the fella digs his mouth into her groin. She leans back and moans with much emotion. His actions really make Kayden very turned on. After they kiss again, their cowgirl moments are exciting as she bounces on his dick and he pumps her vigorously. Her butt is very red from his spanking activity. Kayden looks very hot during the reverse cowgirl session. Her moans become toe tingling while he spoons her with a lot of force. Even though she is receiving a rough workout, Kayden continues to enjoy it and looks refreshed. At the end, he cums at her smiling face and open mouth.

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