Jada Stevens – Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2012; Jada Stevens Needs It Right Now [Elegant Angel] 720p HD

Pornstars: Jada Stevens (aka Jade Stevens, Jacia Stevens, Jayda Stevens), James Deen
ElegantAngel.com: Jada Stevens has dialed her sexy moves up to around 12, in the hot tub introduction for today’s 28 minute hardcore scene. With eye candy like this strutting around your backyard, staring at every man in sight like he’s a piece of meat she wants to gobble up, James Dean knows he’s got to do something soon. He pulls her aside for easy seduction, and drills her with her favorite – deep, rough, anal sex.
XCritic.com review: Jada Stevens, a curvy lass wearing brunette hair and a colorful bikini that showed off her fantastic ass, was up next by the pool. I admit to being a bit disappointed that she was not shown on the beach but her tease was polished, strokable, and contained far more nudity to make up for it, the hot tub antics showcasing that gorgeous ass and oiled up titties well enough to merit a nod no matter what. The montage ended to show her in a large modern kitchen where the color scheme of green must have been picked by a blind, straight man, James Deen zeroing in on her as the two kissed and he put on his tough guy act. He choked her in the adjoining hallway and she masturbated while he did so, his face soon stuffed between her ass cheeks to warm her up some more. This led to him fingering her and making her taste test liquid results, Jada taking his pecker out of his pants to aggressively slob his knob like a seasoned professional. There was great eye contact and he throated her to try and stay hard, the guy having some difficulties in that area until she worked him in unison with her hands and mouth. James skipped right to fucking her in the ass and she rubbed her clitoris while he did so, her verbal commentary reduced to moans and the word “yes” in assorted forms even when he pulled out to rim her. They continued to fuck and suck from there, Jada kneeling before him to beat him off as she looked up at him, his splooge swallowed (or at least whatever did not land on her face).

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