Jada Stevens – Carwash My Ass!!! [Nerd Pass – Ass Delivery]

Pornstar: Jada Stevens (aka Jade Stevens, Jacia Stevens, Jayda Stevens)
NerdPass.com – AssDelivery: You know what is the main thing in life according to Eastern philosophy? It’s the process of accomplishing your goal. I never knew that the same theory applies to car wash. Not until I saw this girl offering people to wash their cars. I was so concerned about my car being so dirty; once I saw her I could only wish my car would stay dirty forever; so I could enjoy watching her washing it endlessly. What a nice round juicy ass on that chick. When she walks time stops. You forget about everything; where you were going, where you were coming from, what’s today’s date, what’s your name…That’s how nice her ass is. I got off my car and asked her to wash it and while she was doing it I came twice, but nobody noticed cause it was a lot of foam on the floor anyway. By the time she was done I asked her to come with me and help out with cleaning my apartment. She said that she normally doesn’t do it but now she kinda got horny using the hose, and kinda wet down bellow. You could see it through her tight red shorts. Back in my apartment I couldn’t resist the temptation and stuck my dick in her mouth. Well before that I had some fun with her on the balcony. There is no way you can describe how nice her ass is, go watch the video you’ll know exactly what I mean …

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