How To Download Free HD Porn Videos From HDPORNFLIX.ORG | Free High Speed Porn Downloads with Mozilla Firefox

Video DownloadHelper is an extension for the Firefox web browser . It allows the user to download videos from sites that stream videos through HTTP, such as HDPORNFLIX. The extension was developed by Michel Gutierrez.


Using DownloadHelper

After you installed the DownloadHelper extension, you should see a new icon in your toolbar.
Inactive DownloadHelper

However, it may happen that this icon does not install automatically or simply disappear. This is sometimes the case after an update of Firefox or of the extension itself.
If you don’t see the icon in the toolbar, you should install it, it’s easy: Go to menu View/Toolbar/Customize or Tools/Add-ons/Extensions and drag the DownloadHelper icon to your toolbar.
mozzila download helper add-onPorn Video DownloadHelper

Using DownloadHelper is simple. Just use your browser to visit video sites,
when DownloadHelper can do something for you, this icon is animated:
DownloadHelper Add-on ikon

It is possible to switch to a colored still icon through preferences:
Active DownloadHelper

When the icon is animated, you can see a small triangle at the right of the icon. Click on this arrow to open the download menu.
You can now select directly a file to download.
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