Diana Doll – Milf Diana Swallow [MyXXXPass – Mommy Blows Best]

Pornstar: Diana Doll (aka Dianna Doll, Sue Diamond, Tatiana Doll, Adriana Doll, Silvia Doll)
MyXXXPass.com – MommyBlowsBest.com: Diana Doll is like a living, breathing, walking, talking, fucking, sex doll. She looks like a toy store spit her out and she immediately came alive asking for cock. Diana’s favorite position is on her knees and we didn’t even have to give her a pair of knee pads before she was kneeling and worshiping this big cock with her tongue. Like a perfect, European fuck doll, Diana goes into ‘blowjob mode’, slurping and jerking until she gets a load right on her pink tongue. We’ve been shooting Diana for at least 4 years and now that she’s a little older, she’s hotter than ever before. So when she undresses and you see her perfect tits, try not to drool too much. Oh fuck it…go ahead and drool. We did.

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