Dani Jensen – My New Tenant [Fantasy Massage – Massage Parlor] 720p HD

Pornstars: Dani Jensen (aka Danie Jensen, Dani Jenson, Danni Jensen, Diane Kellar, Dianne Kellar, Daisie Kellogg, Carina Thomas, Brittany Batterblaster), Nick Manning
FantasyMassage.com – Massage-Parlor.com: When Nick arrived for his massage he was happy to meet his sexy red haired masseuse Dani. She showed him to the room and was a little shocked when she entered and found him fully nude. He told her he just wanted her to have easy access to his different areas. As she started the massage Nick told her that he really needed to get laid which made Dani blush. She changed the subject by telling him that she was looking for a place to live. Nick told her that she is welcome to come live with him. She was so grateful for the offer that she reached down and started playing with his cock. She licked it then moved between his legs and starts to suck it. As she nursed on his cock she crawled up on top of him and got into a 69 with him. Nick licked and fingered her pussy while she gave him some incredible head. The whole thing had him so turned on that he exploded all over her wet, talented mouth. They were both happy. He got to cum and she found a place to live.

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