Dana Vespoli – My Evil Stepson [Evil Angel] 720p HD

Pornstars: Dana Vespoli (aka Dana Vispoli, Dana Vesploi, Diana Vespoli, Faith Dache), Tyler Nixon
Categories: Pornstar, Hardcore, Natural tits, Deepthroat, Titty Fuck, Toys, Blowjob, Pussy to mouth, Brunette, Mature & Milf
EvilAngel.com: When the new husband of gorgeous Dana Vespoli develops erectile problems, his son, Tyler Nixon, decides he should be the one to alleviate his stepmother’s sexual frustrations. Over Dana’s shocked objections, he pushes her dildo into her mouth; before she knows it, the sultry MILF finds herself sucking on her stepson’s enormous penis. Breaking every taboo in the book, young Tyler passionately fucks the confused older woman… finally shooting his messy load all over her pretty face.
XCritic.com review: Dana Vespoli, was up next as a staid stepmom to Tyler Nixon, her husband suffering from erectile dysfunction problems so she had drug dealer Chad Diamond (in a cameo role) provide her with some boner pills to sneak into hubby’s food. Tyler overheard the transaction and after Chad left, confronted her. He wanted sex and pulled out one of her dildos, pushing her down on the white couch and feeding it to her which quickly caused her to drop her guard and go along with his desires. He unfastened his pants and traded the fake cock for his own, Dana sucking him off aggressively and stroking him to a full erection as she gazed up at him in a face full of mixed emotions. Her oral led to him spreading her admittedly appealing ass and fucking her doggy style, her moist snatch inviting him in as her ass cheeks shook nicely. By this time, Dana was completely on the same page as Tyler, telling him how much she loved “her” new cock as he continued to pound away at her pussy. There was more oral between additional vaginal positions, Dana smiling widely as he drilled her neatly trimmed biscuit, moments later finding him depositing his manly fluids on her face and upper torso.

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