Brandi Love & Danny Mountain – The Party, Scene 3 [Wicked Pictures] 720p HD

Pornstars: Brandi Love (aka Tracey Lynn Livermore, Brandy Love), Danny Mountain
Extra Cast: Samantha Saint, Kendra Lust (aka Kedra Lust, Kandra Lust, Kendre Lust, Kendra Canada)
WickedPictures.com: Brandi Love, the fetching blond MILF featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, then dragged Danny Mountain into a room and threw him down on the couch in his “old man time” costume. She was drunk so she ditched her dress and stood before him wearing her skimpy black lingerie from the cover, the gal kneeling down to nuzzle his nuts and jerk him off as she warmed him up for some fucking fun. Of all three leading ladies, Brandi struck me as the hottest, her amazing body and sexual mores elevating her appeal initially based on good looks and skilled handling of his family jewels. Her oral led to mounting his cock on the white couch and bouncing on his rod, his protected pecker sliding into her perfect pussy as she impaled herself on it. Brandi was the most consistently active vaginal rider of the team and she threw herself into the action, pushing back in doggy to meet his thrusts, grabbing him and pulling him into her, and otherwise showing her desire to engage him aggressively. The screwing led to him beating off all over her face, her efforts draining his dragon completely and some post coital head sealing the deal.

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