Bonnie Rotten – The Good, The Bad and the Rotten [Kink On Demand – Sex And Submission]

Pornstars: Bonnie Rotten (aka Inked Bonnie), James Deen
SexAndSubmission.com: Bonnie Rotten is a bad ass chick who takes what she wants when she wants it. If you cross her path, chances are she’ll jack your car and leave you out in the desert to rot. Bonnie’s fast and furious lifestyle expires when she’s captured by a lone cowboy who creates his own laws and punishments on his secluded desert ranch. Stripped and bound, this 19 year old is punished and used for sex! He makes her orgasm and she squirts like crazy! Bonnie Rotten submits in bondage as James Deen fucks her throat, pussy and ass at will!
KinkOnDemand.com fan comments:
“This is an epic western…my kind of western…First, Bonnie has a beautiful ass–one that is dick friendly…(no ink on her ass?) She has lots of black ink work that suggests her name. Her character lives up to the threatening look…but enough domination seems to train her…Oh, can she squirt! Bonnie soaks the sofa. Bonnie soaks the floor, all the way to the fireplace. Bonie splashes the camera. Bonnie squirts with anal…she can flex her rectum so it turns itself inside out. She is very skilled. squeeze and squirt. Yay! She’s creative, even if tied up…I have never seen armpit tattoos. Bonnie says, “I like squirting!” I like squirting too, and I like Bonnie…I suspect even James paid a lot of attention….we all did. Bring Bonnie back.”
“Back for another showing…so inspiring…Bonnie says she loves to be covered in her own cum…and she is so pretty when her face is splashed with shiny cum…it’s artwork…”
“Absolutely amazing overall! But the uh… prolapsed rectum thing was extremely disturbing. A cursory google search has told me that’s a thing people like, and that’s rad for those people that there’s kink out there with prolapsed rectums in it… but maybe a little warning if that’s a thing in a shoot? Have been a member for about a year and am not squeamish, but am now very uneasy.”

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