Bonnie Rotten – Ink’d Squirt; Dive In [Elegant Angel] 720p HD

Pornstars: Bonnie Rotten (aka Inked Bonnie), Mark Wood
ElegantAngel: Bonnie Rotten will burn her way into your wettest dream, one boiling hot squirting scene, at a time! She steps it up by crawling, gushing, and climbing on Mark Wood’s wood, to start this 25 minute hardcore scene. She climbs on top like a fantasy and starts grinding that perfect body, giving him anal, and then letting him take whatever he wants! Her sexy bottom starts spraying female ejaculation while she grins and makes happy sex noises, and keeps taking more…
XCritic.com review: The final scene in Bonnie Rotten’s ‘Ink’d Squirt’ begins beautifully with a classic tease from our featured star and director of the film. It opens as she sits cross-legged on a couch, moving forward wonderfully with a tits-&-ass inspired tease that features Bonnie in all of her glory, wearing a simple but effective lingerie outfit with black high heels to cap it off. The action sets in with impeccable timing in accordance to the runtime of the tease, as Bonnie welcomes a naked Mark Wood onto set by way of a cock-worshipping, slopped up BJ that evolves into a cowgirl dick romp in the anus. Intensity is again right on-point, moving into the all-too-underused pile driver anal fuck, with Bonnie squirting herself in the face during the few moments that Wood’s cock exits her asshole. Things progress exceedingly well, with Bonnie spitting, squirting, and slurping her way into yet another outstanding scene while mixing in some throat-throttling blowjobs to keep the viewers on their toes. Things eventually finish off after Mark gives Bonnie a doggie style dick-dunking to the asshole, eventually pulling out and busting his gunk over Bonnie’s backside to close. An encore squirt then plays as the final moments, as the incomparable Bonnie Rotten slurps up her juices an the screen fades. Bravo! This was a great way to cap off the film; I thought the energy was perfect on all levels and Mark plays an equally large part in making it all work.

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