Aidra Fox


Pornstar Aidra Biography: If ever you see Aidra Fox bite down on her lower lip, that’s your best giveaway clue that this curvy brunette porn star is turned the fuck on. She just can’t help but show it when she’s horny to fuck, from the lustful look in her eyes to the way she carries her sex-kitten body. Aidra’s biggest fantasy is to taken charge of in the bedroom, and given a big scare buy a dominant, hot guy, before he fucks her to sexual nirvana. On her off days, Aidra loves to meet up with her girlfriends and hit the town, but she’s just as down to fire up horror films and put her Hitachi between her legs all afternoon. Way back before Aidra ever even thought of auditioning for traditional porn, she was turning on fans by the hundreds with hot webcam shows, when an agent discovered her. Since making the leap to filming porn videos, Aidra’s shot for all the biggest names in the biz (you can see more of her fucktacular scenes on Twistys, Mofos, and Babes!). Biography: It’s impossible to describe Aidra Fox without mentioning those perfect dimples that punctuate her beautiful smile, but she’s so much more than a great set of apple cheeks. What’s better than a tanned hippy chick with a free spirit and an adorable face that melts hearts and hardens dicks? Aidra is all that and more. She’s 100% natural, full of energy, and despite looking like a pixie frolicking innocently through a meadow, this sweet starlet just wants to get her fuck on!
So what gets Aidra wet and ready to spread ’em? This horny harlot wants a confident man with a firm touch and passionate kisses. He should have a dominant side and be ready for some intense spooning, but most importantly he should be prepared to handle a sinful spitfire with some awfully freaky kinks. You’d never guess by looking at her, but pretty little Aidra has a crazy fetish for latex gloves. She just can’t get enough of their smooth texture on her silky skin. So if you’re the type of guy who likes to take control and make hot steamy love, just head down to your local pharmacy, pick up a pair of stretchy gloves, and get ready for the ride of your life!
Aidra has only been in the booty biz for a couple of years, but she’s already making massive waves. Since her debut at the tender age of eighteen, this stunning siren has been picking up accolades like bread crumbs on the path to XXX success. With her undeniable beauty and passion for penis, Miss Fox gained instant fame as soon as she stepped on set, and it’s no surprise, because this tempting teen has everything it takes to become a porn legend.

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